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Motorcycle Loans

Repayment terms for motorcycle loans:
Most financing sources offer a choice of repayment terms for motorcycle loans (i.e. 3 year, 4 year and 5 years).

Interest rate for motorcycle loans:
The interest rate for motorcycle loans is roughly about the same rate that is charged for auto-loans.

Fees for motorcycle loans:
While the exact amount in fees will vary by financing source, the fees are usually charged as a percentage of the loan amount (points). For example, if you get a motorcycle loan for $20,000 - and there is a 1 point fee, the fee would be $200.

Down payment requirements for motorcycle loans:
Many financing sources will want a borrower to put 5 - 10% down payment towards the motorcycle.

Since rates and fees can vary by institution, always contact a couple of sources when shopping for motorcycle loans.


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